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Stumbling Story

The Stumbling Store is a design studio and lifestyle brand that inspires creativity, coziness and connection, in the small moments of daily life; for anyone who is looking to live a hygge, present or slow life.

We focus on sustainable fashion that is made in small batches, embraces creative expression and uses materials that last a long time. Our home and space products are made to sprinkle creativity and connection, to support the idea of slow and present living.

The power of small moments

At The Stumbling Store, we believe that it is these seemingly insignificant moments that truly make a difference and keep us grounded in the present.

Whether it's a cherished piece of clothing, the first sip of morning coffee in a favourite mug, a dedicated journaling routine, fragrant scented candles, a treasured shirt that speaks to you, a cozy throw blanket, or a colourful oversized sweater, these elements infuse magic into our everyday lives.

While each of these sources of comfort is unique to every individual, the emotions we seek in these moments often revolve around warmth, peace, freedom, creativity, inspiration, connection, and a sense of belonging.

Our store aims to bring these moments to life through the use of color, texture, light, and scent, forging a special connection with the products we offer and the lives they become a part of.

The essence of The Stumbling Store is to provide an experience that resonates with anyone in need of a quiet moment to express themselves, enjoy their own company or seek comfort and a sense of community.

The Stumbling experience is about establishing a personal connection, through a unique product that speaks exclusively to you.

We cater to those who cherish cozy evenings, relish snowy days spent at home, find solace in lazy sundays, and take comfort

in the sound of raindrops on their balcony. For those looking for a comforting embrace, a cozy hug, or a special pick-me-up.

We look forward to Stumbling through life with you.

Nikita Butalia
Founder, The Stumbling Store